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MK series

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MK seriesズーム

MK series

  • Performance improved, Powerful clamping torque
  • Improved mounting, Reduced effective thickness and improved chip flow
  • Wide selection of rotary joints, Multi-purpose hole for automation, High-pressure rotary joints for fixture miniaturization and fast actuation

Product Specifications

Table Diameter (mm) ø 135 ø 155
Registered Diameter of Table (mm) ø 65H7 ø 70H7
Spindle Through Hole Diameter (mm) ø 70 ø 70
Center Height (mm) 140 180
Clamping Method (mm) Pneumatic Pneumatic
Clamping Torque (N·m)
(at 0.5MPa)
570 1000
Inertia Converted into Motor
(in case of FANUC spec.)
0.000182 0.000410
Gear Ratio 1/90 1/90
Max. Spindle Speed (min-1)
(Motor: 3000min-1)
33.3 33.3
Allowable Work Inertia (kg·m2) 1.0 1.95
Indexing Accuracy (sec) 20 20
Repeatability (sec) 4 4
Mass of Product (kg) 60 95
Allowable LoadHorizontal (kg) 200 250
Vertical (kg) 100 125
Allowable Cutting Torque (N・m) 270 480
Manual Tailstock (Option) MR200RN MR250RN
Tail Spindle (Option) TSRC140/MSR142A/TSR142A MSR181A/TSR181A
Rotary Joint (Option) 4-port (Hyd./Pneu.)
5-port (Hyd./Pneu. 4 + Pneu. 1)
7-port (Hyd./Pneu. 6 +Pneu. 1Note))
25MPa 4-port
25MPa 6-port
4-port (Hyd./Pneu.)
5-port (Hyd./Pneu. 4 + Pneu. 1)
7-port (Hyd./Pneu. 6 +Pneu. 1Note))
25MPa 4-port
25MPa 6-port
Outline Drawing
(Kitagawa Own Controller Spec.)
Otline Drawing
Tailstock Tail Spindle

Note) The (+1) port of 7-port rotary joint is a multi-purpose hole for pneumatic port, high-pressure coolant, work seating detection sensor, etc. Please tell our sales staff the purpose in advance.

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