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Introduction of Quick Change Gripper and Quick Change Jaws

It is easey to retrofit and
Significantly reducing setup changing time of a robot

We will respond to your needs!

  • Although it is good to introduce the robot system, workpieces frequently change and it is troublesome to change the setup.
  • I'd like to make it easy for non-skilled workers to change the setup.
  • We cannot do the teaching every time the setup is changed.
  • We cannot spend a lot of time for setup change.
  • There is no place to stock grippers for setup change.

Quick Change Grippers and Quick Change Jaws, which have been just launched, are the most suitable for the people who have these problems.

Product introduction

Quick Change Gripper QGB08

Quick jig exchange with easy operation just to loosen the lock nut

Demonstration video of Quick Change Gripper

Quick Change Jaw NTS-QM311

Just by replacing the standard master jaws of existing NTS311 gripper with the quick change master jaws,NTS311 gripper will become a quick jaw change gripper.

Demonstration video of NTS-Q Quick Jaw Change

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