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1-jaw mega-long stroke power chuck
MLV series

Suitable for irregular shaped work

MLV seriesズーム

MLV series

  • Mega-long jaw stroke
  • Best suited for jig work fixturing

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Product Specifications

【Important】The max. draw bar pull force and the max. static gripping force in the following specifications are for external diameter gripping.
When used for internal diameter gripping, the draw bar pull force must be less than half of the max. draw bar pull force.

Model MLV06 MLV08
Through-hole (mm) - -
Gripping Range (mm) Max. 169 215
Min. 37 38
Jaw Stroke (Diameter) (mm) 20 25
Plunger Stroke (mm) 20 25
Max. Draw Bar Pull Force (kN) 12 15
Max. Static Gripping Force (kN) 21.9 28
Max. Speed (min-1) 3800 3000
Moment of Inertia (kg・m2) 0.050 0.155
Net Weight (kg) (with Soft Top Jaws) 13.2 25
Matching Cylinder Y1225R Y1530R
Outline Drawing 2D PDF
3D Parasolid

Note) The 3D data includes two types of the positions of the jaws for both Parasolid and STEP: open end (UC) and closed end (OC).

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