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Controller for NC rotary tables
QUINTE series

QUINTE contlos Kitagawa NC rotary table with an M-signal of machining centre.

QUINTE seriesズーム

QUINTE series

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Product Specifications

NC Rotary Table Controller
Quinte series  QTC100・QTC200・QTC300
Color LCD enables to show various information
As well as current position, the high resolution color LCD can show the running program, motor information and more.
Easy to input a program
In editing program, interactive display screen prevents easy mistakes.
Reduce indexing time
Adopting EtherCAT enables high speed communication and shortens the time of indexing.
Easy to manage programs
Input/output programs and parameters can be managed by MMC (Multi Media Card) that is on the market.
Two types of panels with defferent operational feeling
Touch panel type follows up soft operation and quick operation.
Click emboss panel type (CS) offers a sense of security with a firm click feeling.
Select motors in accordance to a use or environment
There are many variations of motors, and a motor suitable for a particular machining condition can be selected.
To use extension I/O enables a variety of usage
To use extension I/O option enables to select programs and to output WZRN position and M signal from machines.
Manual pulse generator is available.
Manual pulse generator is available to all models as option.
Compatible with a remote control function

Remote control function by serial communication with machine is available as an option.
Operation confirmed CNC manufacturer and machine manufacturer.
FANUC CORPORATOIN, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Okuma Corporation, Yamazaki Mazak Corporation and BROTHER INDUSTRIES, Ltd.

Conforming to CE and KC standard
As well as EMC Directive, all models conform to KC mark.
Compatible with absolute encoder【Custom support】

Batteries are unnecessary with the adoption of a battery-less absolute encoder※. Coodinates never deviate even with reconnection after removal of cables for Quinte and the rotary table.

※Quinte battery is used for the system. However, since power consumption is very small, battery replacement is unnecessary.

For Quinte controllers
Manual Operation Pendant
Easy holding style with one hand
It is able to be additionally installed to Quinte.
It enables to operate a rotary table with looking at movement nearby.
Functional color and key layout provide good visibility and operability.
Organic display ensures visibility even in dark machines.
Capacitance touch switch realizes smooth touch operation.

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QUINTE series
Manual Operation Pendant

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