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Vises for Small-Size Machines
VC-N series

Blue body vise just fits to small-size machines.

VC-N seriesズーム

VC-N series

  • Just fit to small-size machines
  • High rigid steel body
  • Low-height body adopted, offering a wide machining area
  • Aluminium jaws provided as standard
  • Largest jaw opening
  • Stable clamping force secured by the mechanical enhancement toggle mechanism
  • Minimum lift up, offering the stable machining accuracy
  • Parallel use as standard

Note 1: Please refer to the clamping force setting section of the instruction manual for the clamping range and setting method for each type.

Note 2: Please watch the video of the boosting mechanism. Click the image below to play the video.

Product Specifications

Jaw Width (mm) 100 100
Jaw Height (mm) 40 40
Jaw Stroke (mm) 128 204
Work mounting Face Height (mm) 65 65
Total Height (mm) 105 105
Total Width (mm) 109 112
Total Length (mm) 355.5 431.5
Guide Block Width (mm) 14h7 14h7
Max. Clamping Force (kN) 20 20
Net Weight (kg) 16 19
Outline Drawing2DPDF

Note) Each 3D data includes two types of the positions of the jaw for both Parasolid and STEP: open end (O), closed end (C).

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