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Roller gear & cam driven NC rotary table

Brake-equipped model for versatility



  • 90° indexing time: 0.31 sec (Pneumatic clamping not used and servo-on-holding used)
  • Quick indexing
  • Non backlash
  • Less maintenance
  • Left hand only

*CE correspondence

Product Specifications

Model RK201
Right-handed Type
Left-handed Type
Table Diameter (mm) ø134
Centre Hole Diameter (mm) ø80 +0.06/+0.02
Through Hole Diameter (mm) ø70
Centre Height (mm) 150
Clamping Method Pneumatic
Clamping Torque (N・m) (at 0.5MPa) 340
Max. Instantaneous Holding Torque (N・m) Note 1) (240)
Max. continuous holding torque (N.m) Note 1) (108)
Motor Axis Reduced Inertia (kg・m2) 0.000486
Servomotor (for Fanuc spec.) Note 5) αiS8/4000
Total Reduction Ratio 1/20
Max. Rotation Speed (min-1) 4th axis spec.
(Fanuc spec.)
M signal spec. 100
Allowable Work Inertia (kg・m2) 0.6
Indexing Accuracy (sec) 20
Repeatability (sec) 4
Mass of Product (kg) 68
Allowable Load Horizontal (kg) 120
Vertical (kg) 60
Manual tail stock (Option) TS160RN**
Tail spindle (Option) TSRC/MSRC160
Rotary Joint (Option) RJ70Y20Z03
Hydraulic/Pneumatic 8 ports
Outline Drawing
Kitagawa own controller spec.
Outline Drawing
4th axis spec (Fanuc spec.)
  • The maximum instantaneous holding torque and maximum continuous holding torque are the values used by Kitagawa QUINTE controller, and the those values differ when using for the 4th axis.
  • When wishing to shorten the tact time, it is effective to hold only by the motor torque without using the mechanical brake. At that time, the clamp torques shall be the maximum continuous holding torque.
  • When not using the mechanical brake, hold it with the motor torque while it is stopped.
  • When the mechanical brake is not used, the stop position is not held when the power is turned off or when the servo alarm occurs. The table may rotate at startup and restart.
  • When RK201 is installed on the FANUC RoboDrill, the motor will be αiF8/3000-B, and the specifications will change.

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