Machine Tool

High-speed & maintenance-saving tilting NC rotary table

Optimum solution for automotive industry



  • Roller gear and cam structure
  • Optimum solution for compact machining centre
  • Built-in rotary joint (5 hydraulic ports and one pneumatic port) available as option
  • Low maintenance achieved

*CE correspondence

*Since 2 additional axis controlled NC rotary tables fall under the list controlled items of Export Trade Control Ordinance of Japan, Permission for Export by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is required before exporting from Japan.

Product Specifications

Tilting Angle -35°~+110°
Table Diameter (mm) φ95
Register Diameter of Face Plate (mm) φ50H7
Spindle Through-Hole Diameter (mm) φ50
Centre Height (mm) 170
Clamping Method Pneumatic
Clamping Torque (N・m)
at Pneumatic 0.5 MPa
Rotating axis 350
Tilting axis 550
Inertia Converted into Motor Shaft (kg・m2)Rotating axis 0.000239
Tilting axis 0.000425
Gear RatioRotating axis 1/72
Tilting axis 1/120
Max. Spindle SpeedRotating axis(min-1 / motor 3000 min-1) 41.6
Tilting axis(min-1 / motor 3000 min-1) 25
Allowable Work Inertia (kg・m2) 0.25
Indexing Accuracy (sec)Rotating axis 20
Tilting axis 20
Repeatability (sec)Rotating axis 8
Tilting axis 4
Mass of Product (kg) 193
Allowable Loadat horizontal (kg) 60
at tilted (kg) 40
Built-in Rotary joint (as an option) RJ50RKT180
Hydraulic/Pneumatic 5 ports +Pneumatic exclusive 1 port
Outline DrawingKitagawa Own Controller Spec.2D
Additional axis
(FANUC spec.)

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