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Two-axis Tilting NC Rotary Table

High performance twin spindle tilting rotary table



  • Mountable to a compact M/C
  • Smallest width in its class 999 mm
  • Built-in rotary (option) joint allows simple and secure jig piping
  • High clamping torque

*CE correspondence

*Since 2 additional axis controlled NC rotary tables fall under the list controlled items of Export Trade Control Ordinance of Japan, Permission for Export by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is required before exporting from Japan.

Product Specifications

Tilting angle -110°~+110°
Table diameter (mm) ø 180
Registered diameter on Face Plate (mm) ø 65H7
Spindle through hole diameter (mm) ø 40
Distance between axes (mm) 250
Centre height at right angle on table face (mm) 200
Clamping methodRotating axis Pneumatic
Tilting axis Air-hydraulic
Clamping torque (N·m)
(Pneumatic 0.5 MPa)
Rotating axis 400
Tilting axis 800
Motor axis reduced inertia (kg·m2)Rotating axis 0.000383
Tilting axis 0.00035
Gear ratioRotating axis 1/90
Tilting axis 1/180
Max. spindle speedRotating axis (min-1at motor 3000 min-1) 33.3
Tilting axis (min-1at motor 3000min-1) 16.6
Allowable work inertia (kgm2) 0.12
Indexing accuracy (sec)Rotating axis 30
Tilting axis 60
Repeatability (sec) 4
Mass of product (kg) 247
Allowable loadat horizontal (kg) 30 per 1 rotating axis
at 90˚ tilted (kg) 30 per 1 rotating axix 30
Built-in rotary joint (as an option) RJ40TW2180
2 Hydraulic/Pneumatic ports + 3 Pneumatic dedicated ports per 1 rotating axis
Outline drawing
(Kitagawa controller specification)

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