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Roller gear & cam driven tilting NC rotary table

Compact design fits on small machining centres



  • Awarded the 2023 "Super Monozukuri Parts Award" for the Machine and Robot Parts Category
  • Its small and light body fits on small machining centres with No. 30 taper spindle.
  • The roller gear and cam mechanism maintains stable accuracy for a long term.
  • The optional rotary joint supports a total of 7 ports: 6 hydraulic/pneumatic ports + 1 coolant port and a total of 11 ports: 10 hydraulic/pneumatic ports + 1 coolant port.
  • Maximum work size is Φ500 x H270mm.

*CE correspondence

Note) Rotary tables with 5-axis specifications fall under Clause 6-(8) of Appendix 1 of the Export Trade Control Order, so permission from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is required when exporting overseas from Japan.

Product Specifications

Model RKT500
Tilting Angle Range -30°~+120°
Table Diameter (mm) Ø134
Centre Hole Diameter (mm) Ø80+0.06/+0.02
Through Hole Diameter (mm)
(without rotary joint)
Centre Height (mm) 310
Clamping Method Pneumatic
Clamping Torque (N・m)
(at 0.5 MPa)
Rotating axis 600
Tilting axis 740
Motor Axis Reduced Inertia
Rotating axis 0.000318
Tilting axis 0.006294
(for Fanuc spec.)
Rotating axis αiS4/5000-B
Tilting axix βiS12/3000-B
Total Reduction Ratio Rotating axis 1/50
Tilting axis 1/20
Max. Rotation Speed
Rotating axis
[at motor 4000(3750)min-1]*1
80 (75) *1
Tilting axis
[at motor 1400(1000)min-1]*2
70 (50)*2
Allowable Work Inertia (kg・m2) 1.8
Indexing Accuracy (sec) Rotating axis 30
Tilting axis 30
Repeatability (sec) Rotating axis 4
Tilting axis 4
Mass of Product (kg) 285
Allowable Load at horizontal (kg) 100
at tilted (kg) 100
Built-in Rotary Joint
Hydraulic/Pneumatic 6 ports
+Multi-purpose hole 1 port*3
Hydraulic/Pneumatic 10 ports
+Multi-purpose hole 1 port*3
5-axis spec.
(Fanuc spec.)

*1 When the eccentric torque of work piece is more than 50 Nm, max. rotating speed of the rotating axis becomes the value in ( ).

*2 When the work piece mass is more than 50 kg, max. rotating speed of the tilting axis becomes the value in ( ).

*3 A multi-purpose hole can be used for coolant or hydraulic/pneumatic pressure up to 1.5MPa.

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